Ante Paveliċ, Charisma and National Mission in Wartime Croatia

  title={Ante Paveliċ, Charisma and National Mission in Wartime Croatia},
  author={Ivo Goldstein},
  journal={Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions},
  pages={225 - 234}
  • I. Goldstein
  • Published 1 June 2006
  • Political Science
  • Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions
The wartime regime of Poglavnik (leader) Ante Paveli[ caut e] is well-known internationally. However, whilst mentioned in many books and texts dedicated to the history of the Balkans, the biography of its leader has never been presented in detail. Books published outside of Croatia and the former Yugoslavia dealing with this period of Croatian history have tended to concentrate on other matters, such as genocide.1 Even inside Croatia, while there are many books which cover this era, there is… 
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