Antarctic palaeo-ice streams

  title={Antarctic palaeo-ice streams},
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Glacial geomorphology of Marguerite Bay Palaeo-Ice stream, western Antarctic Peninsula

This paper presents a glacial geomorphological map of over 17,000 landforms on the bed of a major palaeo-ice stream in Marguerite Bay, western Antarctic Peninsula. The map was compiled using various

Timing and pathways of East Antarctic Ice Sheet retreat

Constraints on Antarctic Ice Sheet configuration during and following the Last Glacial Maximum and its episodic contribution to sea-level rise

Abstract Marine geological studies provide a record of diachronous expansion and retreat of the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet, West Antarctic Ice Sheet and East Antarctic Ice Sheet during the past c.

Geomorphology and shallow sub-sea floor structures underneath the Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Abstract. The Ekström Ice Shelf is one of numerous small ice shelves that fringe the coastline of western Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica. Reconstructions of past ice-sheet extent in this area



Palaeo-ice streams in the northern Keewatin sector of the Laurentide ice sheet

Abstract Evidence for ice streams in the Laurentide ice sheet is widespread. In the region of northern Keewatin and the Boothia Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada, palaeo-ice streams have been recognized,

Geological and geomorphological insights into Antarctic ice sheet evolution

The contribution of cosmogenic isotope analysis of exposed bedrock surfaces and marine geophysical surveying to the understanding of Antarctic ice sheet evolution on a range of time-scales is illustrated.

Geological constraints on Antarctic palaeo‐ice‐stream retreat

Submarine landforms preserved in bathymetric troughs on the Antarctic continental shelf show that the style of ice stream retreat across the shelf following the last glacial maximum varied between

First survey of Antarctic sub–ice shelf sediments reveals mid-Holocene ice shelf retreat

The retreat of five small Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves in the late 20th century has been related to regional (possibly anthropogenic) climate warming. We use the record of ice- rafted debris (IRD)

Relict subglacial deltas on the Antarctic Peninsula outer shelf

The first deep-tow boomer survey on the Antarctic continental margin has revealed relict subglacial deltas on the outer continental shelf off the Antarctic Peninsula. Progradation of subglacial