Antarctic Ostracoda (Myodocopina) Parts 1 and 2

  title={Antarctic Ostracoda (Myodocopina) Parts 1 and 2},
  author={Louis S. Kornicker},
Two new species of the subfamily Cypridininae (Myodocopa, Ostracoda) from South Australia
Two new species were collected from the littoral in South Australia, raising the number of Cypridinodes and Paradoloria species in the vicinity of Australia to six in both genera.
Four new Parasterope (Ostracoda, Myodocopina) from the Northwest Pacific and their phylogeny based on 16S rRNA
The phylogenetic analyses indicate that some of the GenBank data attributed to this genus are probably misidentifications, and a phylogenetic tree is reconstructed based on partial 16S rRNA sequences of the four new species and other Cylindroleberidinae available from GenBank.
Review and phylogeny of the Recent Polycopidae (Ostracoda, Cladocopina), with descriptions of nine new species, one new genus, and one new subgenus from the deep South Atlantic
Eight new species from the DIVA II expedition of the RV “Meteor” at the Cape, Angola, and Guinea basins are presented here, and a key to genera of the family Polycopidae is provided.
A new species of the genus Diasterope Kornicker, 1975 (Crustacea: Ostracoda: Cylindroleberididae) from Culebra Island, Puerto Rico
This work is the first published report of a benthic member of the Myodocopida off Puerto Rico, and contains a single specimen of an interesting new species, Diasterope puertoricensis (family Cylindroleberididae), which is described herein.
Ostracoda (Myodocopa) from Anchialine Caves and Ocean Blue Holes
The discovery of Deeveya inhabiting deeper, hydrologically-isolated waters in ocean blue holes, which are otherwise comparable to classical anchialine environments, has raised questions concerning the geographic limits to the anchialines habitat and its supposed reliance on terrestrial inputs.
Ostracoda from Johnston Atoll, Pacific Ocean, and Proposal of a New Tribe, Bruuniellini (Myodocopina: Cylindroleberididae)
Two new species of Ostracoda (Myodocopina), Parasterope pacifica Kornickers & Harrison-Nelson and Bruuniella beta Kornicker & Harrison,Nelson, from Johnston Atoll are described and illustrated and keys are given to the two tribes in the subfamily and to the four known species of Bru uniella.
The composition, structure, and distribution of benthic ostracod fauna (Ostracoda, Myodocopa) in Antarctic waters
  • V. G. Chavtur
  • Environmental Science, Geography
    Russian Journal of Marine Biology
  • 2017
Ostracod populations of High and Low-Antarctic subzones differ qualitatively and quantitatively, and a distinct impoverishment of fauna is observed in the region of the Antarctic divergence compared to the more northern areas.
Two new sympatric species of Eusarsiella (Ostracoda: Myodocopida: Sarsiellidae) from the Florida Keys with a morphological phylogeny of Sarsiellinae.
The finding of multiple polyphyletic genera, including the two most speciose genera in the subfamily Sarsiellinae is a strong candidate for taxonomic revision.