Antagonistic actions of ecdysone and insulins determine final size in Drosophila.

  title={Antagonistic actions of ecdysone and insulins determine final size in Drosophila.},
  author={Julien Colombani and Laurence Bianchini and Sophie Layalle and Emilie Pondeville and Chantal Dauphin-Villemant and Christophe Antoniewski and Cl{\'e}ment Carr{\'e} and St{\'e}phane Noselli and Pierre L{\'e}opold},
  volume={310 5748},
All animals coordinate growth and maturation to reach their final size and shape. In insects, insulin family molecules control growth and metabolism, whereas pulses of the steroid 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E) initiate major developmental transitions. We show that 20E signaling also negatively controls animal growth rates by impeding general insulin signaling involving localization of the transcription factor dFOXO and transcription of the translation inhibitor 4E-BP. We also demonstrate that the… CONTINUE READING
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