Antagonism of the effects of tremorine by tropine derivatives.


Methods of testing new drugs for anti-Parkinson activity are briefly reviewed. The production in animals of Parkinson-like effects by Tremorine (1,4-dipyrrolidin-1'-ylbut-2-yne), and the inhibition of these effects in mice by a number of tropine derivatives, are described. No correlation was found between the activity against tremor and the anticholinergic, antihistaminic or local anaesthetic properties of the compounds.


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@article{Farquharson1959AntagonismOT, title={Antagonism of the effects of tremorine by tropine derivatives.}, author={Margaret Farquharson and Rodney G.K. Johnston}, journal={British journal of pharmacology and chemotherapy}, year={1959}, volume={14}, pages={559-66} }