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Ant routing algorithm for the Lightning Network

  title={Ant routing algorithm for the Lightning Network},
  author={Cyril Grunspan and Ricardo P{\'e}rez-Marco},
We propose a decentralized routing algorithm that can be implemented in Bitcoin Lightning Network. All nodes in the network contribute equally to path searching. The algorithm is inspired from ant path searching algorithms. 

Ant Routing scalability for the Lightning Network

It is proved that the number of transactions per second that Ant Routing can sustain is of the order of several thousands which is enough for a global payment network.

Optimal Fee Structure for Efficient Lightning Networks

  • A. RenLing FengS. CheongR. Goh
  • Business, Computer Science
    2018 IEEE 24th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)
  • 2018
A good compromise is to have fees proportional to the square root of the channel capacity, such that reasonably short path lengths and overall balanced channel capacities can be achieved that makes the operation of the LN more sustainable.

Imbalance measure and proactive channel rebalancing algorithm for the Lightning Network

Results indicate that a collaborative approach within the friend of a friend network might be preferable from a practical point of view in terms of improving the balance of the network.

Coordinate Routing in the Lightning Network

This thesis designs a routing algorithm for the Lightning Network that builds upon the key ideas found in the previous work and provides design solutions for computing transaction fees and communicating errors in a privacy-preserving manner.

Probing Channel Balances in the Lightning Network

This work shows that an attacker can easily discover channel balances using probing, and argues that LN's balance between privacy and routing efficiency is suboptimal: channel balances are neither well protected nor utilized.

A Balanced Routing Algorithm for Blockchain Offline Channels Using Flocking

This paper proposes a flocking based algorithm for PBTs that keeps the channel network balanced and mitigates the problem of privacy problem as the channels have to reveal their balances in order to find suitable routes for P BTs.

Optimizing Off-Chain Payment Networks in Cryptocurrencies

It is proved that for any network demands, a simple hub topology provides a 2-approximation to the minimal maintenance cost showing that spanning trees in general are efficient.

Collusion Attack from Hubs in The Blockchain Offline Channel Network

A design principle of the channel network is proposed that can decrease the possibility of collusion attacks and using Banzhaf index the vulnerability of the hubs from the collusion attacks is classified.

A Quantitative Analysis of Security, Anonymity and Scalability for the Lightning Network

These findings should prompt the LN community to consider the issues studied in this work when educating users about path selection algorithms, as well as to adopt multi-hop payment protocols that provide stronger security, privacy and scalability guarantees.

Split Payments in Payment Networks

By splitting the payments this way, this work achieves an improved total liquidity of the payment network, simplify the route advertising, reduce the amount of funds needed to be locked in the channels, and improve the privacy properties.



Flare : An Approach to Routing in Lightning Network White Paper

A hybrid routing algorithm Flare is described, which could be used for payment routing in Lightning Network, which is designed to be decentralized and trustless, and scalable to at least 100,000 nodes.

Ant colony optimization

A forage harvester includes four multiple-bladed rotary cutting segments positioned near a shearbar, each including a permanent magnet and a sensing coil to monitor only selected one or ones of the cutting segments.

A Fast and Scalable Payment Network with Bitcoin Duplex Micropayment Channels

This work presents a protocol for duplex micropayment channels, which guarantees end-to-end security and allow instant transfers, laying the foundation of the PSP network.

Bitcoin contracts, en. bitcoin.it/wiki/Contracts

  • 2015

Bitcoin contracts

  • en. bitcoin.it/wiki/Contracts
  • 2015