Ant nests in tank bromeliads — an example of non-specific interaction

  title={Ant nests in tank bromeliads — an example of non-specific interaction},
  author={Nico Bl{\"u}thgen and Manfred Verhaagh and William Goit{\'i}a and Nils Bl{\"u}thgen},
  journal={Insectes Sociaux},
Four species of epiphytic tank bromeliads on an island in the Orinoco river in Venezuelan Amazonia were inhabited by 13 ant species from four subfamilies. None of these ant species are known as specialised plant-ants. A Monte Carlo randomisation test showed that ants were randomly distributed among host plants: (1) there was no association between particular ant species and bromeliad species, and (2) there was no vertical stratification of the ant community between bromeliads sampled on the… CONTINUE READING
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