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Ant colony optimization algorithm based PID controller for LFC of single area power system with non-linearity and boiler dynamics

  title={Ant colony optimization algorithm based PID controller for LFC of single area power system with non-linearity and boiler dynamics},
  author={Jagatheesan Kaliannan and Anand Baskaran and Nilanjan Dey and Amira S. Ashour},
Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) and Proportional-Integral (PI) controllers are applied into the power system to examine the controller performance. Therefore, this work describes the application of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) optimization technique to design Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller for Load Frequency Control (LFC) of single area re-heat thermal power system. The PI-/ PIDcontrollers gain values are optimized using conventional method and AI optimization… 
Ant Colony PID Controllers for Nonlinear Load Frequency Control System
Load frequency control system is an important issue in power system operation, design and control. In this paper, load frequency control (LFC) system design for suppression frequency deviation in an
Ant-based optimal tuning of PID controllers for load frequency control in power systems
The results of the simulation illustrate that the system with the proposed control scheme is more stable, and can achieve a fast response in the face of system uncertainties, parameter variations and fluctuations from distributed energy sources, as compared to the conventional PID controller and the model predictive control scheme.
Optimal Design and Comparative Analysis of FOPID Controller for Three Area LFC Tuned Using EHO and GCMBO Algorithms
Signified a novel method to strategy of FOPID controller for LFC of a three area generating units with better responses in terms of settling time, rise time, and peak time in this study.
Fractional-Order Controller design for Electrical Systems - A Study
From this study, it is confirmed that, FOI-PD offers better controller performance compared to PID and FOPID.
WOA Based LFC of Interconnected Power System Incorporating UPFC
  • U. RajR. Shankar
  • Engineering
    2019 2nd International Conference on Power Energy, Environment and Intelligent Control (PEEIC)
  • 2019
The focal point of this research article is on the Load Frequency Control (LFC) of a two-region diverse system that is composed of a thermal unit, gas unit and distributed generation unit and is minimized using WOA.
Investigation of PIDA Controller Parameters via PSO Algorithm
The performance of the PIDA controller obtained by the proposed method is compared with the gradient search and genetic algorithms in the literature and the unit step response and the frequency response of the controller show the effectiveness of the method.
Load frequency control using BAT algorithm
  • S. GuptaG. ShankarK. KumariS. Kumari
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    2016 IEEE 1st International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems (ICPEICES)
  • 2016
Evaluation of simulation results showed that the suggested BAT algorithm achieves good performance for load changes compared to other optimization techniques.


Application of Firefly Algorithm for Load Frequency Control of Multi-area Interconnected Power System
Abstract—In this article, a firefly algorithm is proposed for load frequency control of multi-area power systems. Initially a two equal area non-reheat thermal system is considered and the optimum
The responsibility of power system is to ensure that adequate power generation with good quality and more economic power delivery to all consumers. Hence, proper control strategy is required to
Automatic generation control of three area hydro-thermal power systems with electric and mechanical governor
  • K. JagatheesanB. Anand
  • Engineering
    2014 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research
  • 2014
The dynamic performance of interconnected three area hydrothermal power systems with conventional controllers is presented and simulation result shows that electric governor improves the control performance more efficiently than the mechanical governor.
Application of firefly algorithm (FA) based optimization in load frequency control for interconnected reheat thermal power system
  • K. NaiduH. MokhlisA. Bakar
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    2013 IEEE Jordan Conference on Applied Electrical Engineering and Computing Technologies (AEECT)
  • 2013
Investigation of the efficiency and robustness of the FA as the optimization technique for a PID controller under three different loading scenarios indicates that the FA is robust and has good tuning capability.