Antígeno carcinoembrionario preoperatorio como factor pronóstico independiente en cáncer de colon y recto

  title={Ant{\'i}geno carcinoembrionario preoperatorio como factor pron{\'o}stico independiente en c{\'a}ncer de colon y recto},
  author={C GuillermoBannura and G MiguelACumsille and P. JaimeContreras and E AlejandroBarrera and L. Carlosmelo and C. DanielSoto},
Background: CEA is widely used in the follow up of patients with colorectal carcinoma. Aim: To study the value of preoperative CEA as an independent prognostic factor in colorectal carcinoma. Patients and methods: Analysis of 373 operated patients (204 females, age range 21-92 years) with colorectal carcinoma and a mean follow up of 53 months. The cutoff value for CEA was 5 ng/ml. Ninety four percent of patients had an excisable tumor, 79 percent had involvement of perirectal/pericolonic… CONTINUE READING