Answering Queries Using Views


We consider the problem of computing answers to queries by using materialized views. Aside from its potential in optimizing query evaluation, the problem also arises in applications such as Global Information Systems, Mobile Computing and maintaining physical data independence. We consider the problem of nding a rewriting of a query that uses the materialized views, the problem of nding minimal rewritings, and nding complete rewritings (i.e., rewritings that use only the views). We show that all the possible rewritings can be obtained by considering containment mappings from the views to the query, and that the problems we consider are NP-complete when both the query and the views are conjunctive and don't involve builtin comparison predicates. We show that the problem has two independent sources of complexity (the number of possible containment mappings, and the complexity of deciding which literals from the original query can be deleted). We describe a polynomial time algorithm for nding rewritings, and show that under certain conditions, it will nd the minimal rewriting. Finally, we analyze the complexity of the problems when the queries and views may be disjunctive and involve built-in comparison predicates.

DOI: 10.1145/212433.220198

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