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Ansätze für eine differenzierte Business Intelligence Governance

  title={Ans{\"a}tze f{\"u}r eine differenzierte Business Intelligence Governance},
  author={Henning Baars and Tina M{\"u}ller-Arnold and Hans-Georg Kemper},
Establishing Governance Structures for Analytics-Driven Interorganizational Data Sharing Networks - Designing a Framework Based on a Qualitative Study
  • T. Rupek
  • Computer Science, Business
  • 2021
This work proposes an interorganizational data sharing governance framework that contains core objectives and shows organizational as well as technical fields of action that should be considered during an establishing phase of a data collaboration.
The Impact of Agility Requirements on Business Intelligence Architectures
The results show that agility requirements can be effectively confined to areas more exposed to turbulence as long as the architecture is designed in a pertinent way -- and if it is supported by suitable organizational measures.
Unterstützung dispositiver Prozesse durch prozessorientierte Business Intelligence
  • C. Amberg
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • 2010
Business Intelligence (BI) bezeichnet IT-Systeme und Prozesse zur systematischen Analyse von Unternehmen und ihres Wettbewerbsumfelds sowohl technische Themen als also eine Reihe von betriebswirtschaftlichen Konzepten.


The business intelligence competence centre as an interface between IT and user departments in maintenance and release development
The studies uncover several advantages of a central “BI Competency Centre” (BICC) as well as levers for effectively structuring the interfaces between BICC, IT, and user.
Business Intelligence Competency Centers: A Team Approach to Maximizing Competitive Advantage
"The knowledge assets of an organization are becoming increasingly important for competitive advantage, and therefore, the way in which knowledge is created, renewed, and communicated is critical.
Entwicklung einer Business-Intelligence-Strategie
Empirischen Untersuchungen zur Folge werden uber 75% aller Projekte fur die Gewinnung analytischer Informationen von der Unternehmensfuhrung oder dem Controlling angestosen. Die Projekte sind zumeist
Governance in der Informationslogistik am Beispiel eines Energieversorgers
Die Informationslogistik ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil betrieblicher Informationssysteme, muss eng an den Erfordernissen der Fachbereiche ausgerichtet werden und Governance in der IL kann dazu beitragen, dieses Alignment herzustellen.
An Empirical Investigation of the Factors Affecting Data Warehousing Success
It was found that management support and resources help to address organizational issues that arise during warehouse implementations; resources, user participation, and highly-skilled project team members increase the likelihood that warehousing projects will finish on-time, on-budget, with the right functionality; and diverse, unstandardized source systems and poor development technology will increase the technical issues that project teams must overcome.
Organisatorische Rahmenbedingungen der Entwicklung und des Betriebs von Business Intelligence - Ergebnisse einer empirischen Studie
Business Intelligence (BI) als Gesamtansatz zur betrieblichen Entscheidungsunterstützung hat sich in den letzten Jahren in Theorie und Praxis etablieren können. BI kann nicht als eine einfache
Mastering Business Intelligence Complexity - A Service-Based Approach as a Prerequisite for BI Governance
A service oriented concept for supporting BI governance is derived that complements the framework with aspects of solution composition and decomposition as well as for lifecycle management and thereby enables a holistic perspective in BI governance approaches.
Business Intelligence Roadmap: The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications
The authors walk readers through every step of the process--from strategic planning to the selection of new technologies and the evaluation of application releases and conclude by crystallizing their many years of experience in a list of dos, don'ts, tips, and rules of thumb.