Another view of endangered languages

  title={Another view of endangered languages},
  author={Peter Ladefoged},
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The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages: Structural aspects of language endangerment
A major goal of linguistics is to understand what is possible and what is impossible in human languages, and through this to understand the potentials and limitations of human cognition as refl ected
The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages: Revitalization of endangered languages
This chapter presents some outcomes of language contact, and linguistic and social-psychological mechanisms operating in contact situations. It discusses notions of how contact-induced change is
Colonisation , Globalisation , and the Future of Languages in the Twenty-first Century
The typical academic discourse on language endangerment has presented languages as anthropomorphic organisms with lives independent of their speakers and capable of negotiating on their own the terms
The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages: Language curriculum design and evaluation for endangered languages
This chapter contextualizes the notion of endangered languages in a model of language and society. For sociolinguists, language loss, except as a result of extinction of speakers by natural disaster
Endangered language families
Linguists have increased their documentation efforts in response to the sharp decline in the number of languages. Greater awareness and new sources of funding have led to an upsurge in language
Language Revitalization and its Discontents: An essay and review of Saving languages: An introduction to language revitalization
Endangered languages are of obvious interest to linguists, and it is remarkable that recent levels of concern have shown that many of them are more or less committed to doing something to stem
The case for a laissez-faire language policy
Sociolinguistics: Language spread, shift and maintenance: how groups choose their language
Languages, like organic species can be classified into groups and subgroups … Dominant languages and dialects spread and lead to the gradual extinction of other tongues. Charles Darwin, The Descent
Sociolinguistics: Diglossia and bilingualism: functional restrictions on language choice
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