Another journal from Plenum Somatic Cell Genetics contents

  title={Another journal from Plenum Somatic Cell Genetics contents},
  author={David E Axelrod and Robert M. Terry and Michael S. Rabin and Michael M. Gottesman},
  journal={Biochemical Genetics},
Cell Differentiation Rates of Friend Murine Erythroleukemia Variants Isolated by Sib Selection 539 David E. Axelrod, Robert Terry, and Francis G. Kern Resistance to 5-Fbaoroorotic Acid and Pyrimidine Auxotrophy: A New Bidirectional Selective System for Mammalian Cells 551 Robert S. Krooth, Wen-Luan Hsiao, and Barry W. Potvin High Frequency of Mutation to… CONTINUE READING