Another explanation for apparent epistasis

  title={Another explanation for apparent epistasis},
  author={Gibran Hemani and Konstantin Shakhbazov and Harm-Jan Westra and T{\"o}nu Esko and Anjali K. Henders and Allan F. McRae and Jian Yang and Greg Gibson and Nicholas G. Martin and Andres Metspalu and Lude Franke and Grant W. Montgomery and Peter M. Visscher and Joseph E. Powell}
Epistasis occurs when the effect of a genetic variant on a trait is dependent on genotypes of other variants elsewhere in the genome. Hemani et al. recently reported the detection and replication of many instances of epistasis between pairs of variants influencing gene expression levels in humans 1. Using whole-genome sequencing data from 450 individuals we strongly replicated many of the reported interactions but, in each case, a single third variant captured by our sequencing data could… CONTINUE READING