Another approach to time scaling the analog computer

  title={Another approach to time scaling the analog computer},
  author={J. Robert Ashley},
  pages={37 - 40}
  • J. Ashley
  • Published 1 July 1970
  • Education
  • Simulation
on the left-hand side. In the computer, this boils down to selecting the size of the integrator capacitors. Since most of the nonlinearity in f (x, t) is accounted for by terms such as x, x~ or X.,2, students quickly grasp that changing the time scale does not bother the multipliers which generate these terms. Pointing out that the functional dependence on t in f ( x, t ) is usually in the form of a time delay unit makes it relatively easy to convince seniors that the time delay setting must be… 
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Magnitude- and time-scaling of state-variable equations for analog/hybrid computation
A systematic matrix method which may be used to scale differential equations written in state variable format is presented, and the technique is shown to be appZicabZe to both linear and nonlinear systems.


Another approach to time scaling the analog computer
The present method of explanation seems to avoid many of these difficulties and to yield a straight forward, simple explanation of the rule for time-scaling the computer.