Another Yarn from the Great Storyweaver [Bookshelf]

  title={Another Yarn from the Great Storyweaver [Bookshelf]},
  author={Pia Anderson},
  journal={IEEE Software},
  • Pia Anderson
  • Published 1996
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Software
  • Coke machine (page 86), a discussion of the Turing Test’s inadequacies (page 129), and “The Dead Computer Societf’ (page 328). The only fault with the book N and it is minor N is that van der Linden shows his Unix bias, which sometimes narrows to SunOS. This is particularly true in the compiling and linking sections. However, PC C programmers would do themselves a disservice to ignore this book. It packs a lot of good information in a concise package and is worth having just for its C specifics… CONTINUE READING

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