Another Look at the End of the World

  title={Another Look at the End of the World},
  author={Doug Boucher and David Schwartzman and Jane Zara and Peter M. Caplan},
  journal={Capitalism Nature Socialism},
  pages={123 - 131}
Doug Boucher ( ecology at Hood College in Frederick, MD, and works on rain forest ecology and forestry on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. David Schwartzman is a biogeochemist in the Biology Department at Howard University ( His book Life, Temperature, and the Earth: the Self-Organizing Biosphere appeared in paperback last fall (Columbia University Press). Jane Zara has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology, and is currently studying for the… 

Global Warming and Sociology

Escalating climate change, partly induced by human activity, has made its way into public awareness, yet most sociologists, outside the specialism of environmental sociology, have had surprisingly

The Limits to Entropy: Continuing Misuse of Thermodynamics in Environmental and Marxist Theory

The continuing use of Georgescu-Roegen's theory of entropy by neo-Malthusians as foundational support for their views comes as no surprise. Lately, those warning of a Hubbert Peak apocalypse have

The Great Bifurcation and Prospects for Solar Communism in the Twenty-First Century

Confronting the challenge of dangerous climate change will require radical changes in the global physical and political economies. There is not much time left to act to reduce global carbon

Preparing for Collapse: The Concerning Rise of “Eco-Survivalism”

ABSTRACT This article raises concern about the growing embrace of “eco-survivalism”—an environmental discourse motivated by the idea of “riding out” what is seen as the inevitable collapse of the

What the Catastrophist Heresy Can Teach Public Officials

Marxist "catastrophism" offers a way to cope with increasing disaster losses. Catastrophism is one interpretation of Marx that claims social revolution will occur when capitalism collapses under the

Introduction: Technonatural time–spaces

In this special issue of Science as Culture, we mull over the current state of our common environments and the politics of nature more generally. 'The Death of Environmentalism' has recently emerged



The Enemy of Nature and the Nature of the Enemy

"I feel sure," William Morris told his fellow socialists gathered at Kelmscott House in 1884, "that the time will come when people will find it difficult to believe that a rich community such as

Nature and Value Theory

Marx's theory of value can be used to provide a rich account of capitalist degradation of the environment and deple- tion of natural resources. Natural aspects are among the regu- lating conditions

The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World?

The author examines the "politics of time" in the context of the industrial revolution from the perspective of a post-modernist perspective.

Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health

  • Ron Gray
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Nature Medicine
  • 2001
The central argument of her book is that public health is a “public good”, providing communitylevel protection from infectious diseases and environmental hazards, and access to medical for the poor, which, in Garret’s view, has led to a collapse of global public health.

Advanced Technology Paths to Global Climate Stability: Energy for a Greenhouse Planet

It is concluded that a broad range of intensive research and development is urgently needed to produce technological options that can allow both climate stabilization and economic development.

The Limits to Growth

In spite of the preliminary state of our work, we believe it is important to publish the model and our findings now. (...) We feel that the model described here is already sufficiently developed to

The privatization of health care reform : legal and regulatory perspectives

American Health Care and the Law One Step Ahead of the Law - Medical Markets and the Re-Invention of Managed Care Era Federalism and the Future of Health Care Reform The Management of Conflict over

Grow or Die: Marxist Theories of Capitalism and the Environment

(1994). Grow or Die: Marxist Theories of Capitalism and the Environment. Rethinking Marxism: Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 38-57.

Introduction to the Special Issue on Marxism and Ecology (as guest editor) and Solar Communism

  • Science and Society
  • 1996