Anorexia nervosa and "reverse anorexia" among 108 male bodybuilders.

  title={Anorexia nervosa and "reverse anorexia" among 108 male bodybuilders.},
  author={Harrison Graham Pope and David L Katz and James I. Hudson},
  journal={Comprehensive psychiatry},
  volume={34 6},
Two disorders of body image encountered in a study of 108 bodybuilders are described. In a study of the psychiatric effects of anabolic steroids, structured interviews were administered to 55 bodybuilders who had used anabolic steroids and 53 non-user controls. Three (2.8%) of the subjects reported a history of anorexia nervosa--a rate far higher than the 0.02% rate typically reported among American men (P < .001). Nine (8.3%) of the subjects, two of whom were former anorexics, described a… CONTINUE READING

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