Anoplasty for the treatment of anal stenosis.

  title={Anoplasty for the treatment of anal stenosis.},
  author={G. Santa Mar{\'i}a and Giuseppe Brisinda and Ignazio Massimo Civello},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={175 2},
BACKGROUND Cicatricial stenosis of the anal canal is a disabling complication of anal surgery. Many different surgical techniques have been described for the management of this disorder. METHODS In this study we report 42 patients with severe anal stricture treated with anoplasty. Twenty-nine of these patients underwent a Y-V anoplasty while 13 had a diamond flap anoplasty. All patients were seen 4 weeks, 6 months, and 2 years after surgery. RESULTS Three patients who had undergone Y-V… CONTINUE READING

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