Anomaly cancellation and smooth non-Kähler solutions in heterotic string theory

  title={Anomaly cancellation and smooth non-K{\"a}hler solutions in heterotic string theory},
  author={Katrin Becker and Melanie Becker and Ji-Xiang Fu and L Tseng and Shing-Tung Yau},
We show that six-dimensional backgrounds that are T 2 bundle over a Calabi–Yau two-fold base are consistent smooth solutions of heterotic flux compactifications. We emphasize the importance of the anomaly cancellation condition which can only be satisfied if the base is K3 while a T 4 base is excluded. The conditions imposed by anomaly cancellation for the T 2 bundle structure, the dilaton field, and the holomorphic stable bundles are analyzed and the solutions determined. Applying duality, we… CONTINUE READING



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