Anomaly Free Non-Supersymmetric Large N Gauge Theories from Orientifolds


We construct anomaly free non-supersymmetric large N gauge theories from orientifolds of Type IIB on C/Γ orbifolds. In particular, massless as well as tachyonic one-loop tadpoles are cancelled in these models. This is achieved by starting with N = 1, 2 supersymmetric orientifolds with well defined worldsheet description and including discrete torsion (which breaks supersymmetry) in the orbifold action. In this way we obtain non-trivial non-chiral as well as anomaly free chiral large N gauge theories. We point out certain subtleties arising in the chiral cases. Subject to certain assumptions, these theories are shown to have the property that computation of any M -point correlation function in these theories reduces to the corresponding computation in the parent N = 4 oriented theory. This generalizes the analogous results recently obtained in supersymmetric large N gauge theories from orientifolds, as well as in (non)supersymmetric large N gauge theories without orientifold planes. Typeset using REVTEX E-mail:

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