Anomalous regulation of the Drosophila Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger by Ca2+

  title={Anomalous regulation of the Drosophila Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger by Ca2+},
  author={Larry V. Hryshko and S. Matsuoka and Debora A. Nicoll and James N. Weiss and Edward M Schwarz and Seymour Benzer and Kenneth D. Philipson},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={67 - 74}
The Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger from Drosophila was expressed in Xenopus and characterized electrophysiologically using the giant excised patch technique. This protein, termed Calx, shares 49% amino acid identity to the canine cardiac Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger, NCX1. Calx exhibits properties similar to previously characterized Na(+)-Ca2+ exchangers including intracellular Na+ affinities, current-voltage relationships, and sensitivity to the peptide inhibitor, XIP. However, the Drosophila Na(+)-Ca2… CONTINUE READING

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