Anomalous hysteresis as evidence for a magnetic-field-induced chiral superconducting state in LiFeAs

  title={Anomalous hysteresis as evidence for a magnetic-field-induced chiral superconducting state in LiFeAs},
  author={G. Q. Li and Ricardo Rodrigues Urbano and Pallab Goswami and Chiara Tarantini and Bing Lv and Philip L. Kuhns and Arneil P. Reyes and C. W. Chu and Luis Balicas},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Magnetometry measurements in high-quality LiFeAs single crystals reveal a change in the sign of the magnetic hysteresis in the vicinity of the upper critical field ${H}_{c2}$, from a clear diamagnetic response dominated by the pinning of vortices to a considerably smaller net hysteretic response of opposite sign, which disappears at ${H}_{c2}$. If the diamagnetic response at high fields results from pinned vortices and associated screening supercurrents, this sign change must result from… 
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