Anomalous elasticity, fluctuations and disorder in elastic membranes

  title={Anomalous elasticity, fluctuations and disorder in elastic membranes},
  author={Pierre Le Doussal and Leo Radzihovsky},
  journal={arXiv: Soft Condensed Matter},

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We study thermal fluctuations of a free-standing bilayer graphene subject to vanishing external tension. Within a phenomenological theory, the system is described as a stack of two continuum

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  • D. Gazit
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2009
The anomalous exponents governing the long-wavelength behavior of the flat phase of physical crystalline membranes are calculated within a self-consistent screening approximation (SCSA) applied to second order expansion in 1/dC, and the prediction of SCSA applied to first order expansion for the Poisson ratio is shown to be exact to all orders.

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The discovery of graphene, a single monolayer of graphite, has provided an experimental demonstration of stability of 2D crystals. Although thermal fluctuations of such crystals tend to destroy the

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  • Physics
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The presence of random spontaneous curvature is found to stiffen the long-wavelength bending rigidity, giving rise at temperature T=0 to a disordered flat phase associated with a new fixed point of the renormalization group.

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We study the shape, elasticity, and fluctuations of the recently predicted [L. Radzihovsky and J. Toner, Phys. Rev. Lett. 75, 4752 (1995)] and subsequently observed (in numerical simulations) [M.

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A mechanism to tune the onset of the crumpling transition by altering the geometry and topology of the sheet itself by simply altering their geometries is proposed.

Defects in flexible membranes with crystalline order.

  • SeungNelson
  • Materials Science
    Physical review. A, General physics
  • 1988
Computer simulation of buckled defects confirms predictions of the disclination energies and gives evidence for a finite dislocation energy.