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Anomalous diffusion in semi-crystalline polymer structures

  title={Anomalous diffusion in semi-crystalline polymer structures},
  author={E. G. Kostadinova and Joshua Lee Padgett and Constanze Liaw and Lorin Swint Matthews and Truell W. Hyde},
From the spread of pollutants in the atmosphere to the transmission of nutrients across cell membranes, anomalous diffusion processes are ubiquitous in natural systems. The ability to understand and control the mechanisms guiding such processes across various scales has important application to research in materials science, finance, medicine, and energetics. Here we present an analytical method for studying anomalous diffusion which combines concepts from fractional calculus and spectral… 
Object classification in analytical chemistry via data-driven discovery of partial differential equations
An LC-MS/MS based classification of the permethylated glycans derived from standard glycoproteins and human blood serum is constructed, using a Glucose Unit Index as the reference frame in the space of compound parameters.


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