Anomalous Magnetic Properties of Sr2YRuO6


Anomalous magnetic properties of the double perovskite ruthenate compound Sr2YRuO6 are reported here. Magnetization measurements as a function of temperature in low magnetic fields show clear evidence for two components of magnetic order (TM1 ∼ 32 K and TM2 ∼ 27 K) aligned opposite to each other with respect to the magnetic field direction even though only Ru5+ moments can order magnetically in this compound. The second component of the magnetic order at TM2 ∼ 27 K results only in a magnetization reversal, and not in the negative magnetization when the magnetization is measured in the field cooled (FC) mode. Isothermal magnetization (M -H) measurements show hysteresis with maximum coercivity (Hc) and remnant magnetization (Mr) at T ∼27 K, corroborating the presence of the two oppositely aligned magnetic moments, each with a ferromagnetic component. The two components of magnetic ordering are further confirmed by the double peak structure in the heat capacity measurements. These anomalous properties have significance to some of the earlier results obtained for the Cu-substituted superconducting Sr2YRu1−xCuxO6 compounds. 1 ar X iv :0 80 2. 29 53 v1 [ co nd -m at .s tr -e l] 2 0 Fe b 20 08

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