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Anomalous J/Psi suppression and the nature of deconfinement

  title={Anomalous J/Psi suppression and the nature of deconfinement},
  author={D. Kharzeev and M. Nardi and H. Satz},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
We study the characteristic features of J/Psi suppression by deconfinement. A first order phase transition leads to an essentially discontinuous onset of anomalous J/Psi suppression. The different energy densities required for the dissociation of different charmonium states result in a two-step suppression pattern, in which first the J/Psi's from chi decays are suppressed and subsequently the directly produced J/Psi states. Combining both features leads to a unique form of J/Psi suppression in… Expand
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