Anomalous Hall effect from gapped nodal line in the Co2FeGe Heusler compound

  title={Anomalous Hall effect from gapped nodal line in the 
 Heusler compound},
  author={Gaurav Shukla and Jyotirmay Sau and Nishant Shahi and Anupam Singh and Manoranjan Kumar and Sanjay Singh},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Full Heusler compounds with Cobalt as a primary element show anomalous transport properties owing to the Weyl fermions and broken time-reversal symmetry. We present here the study of anomalous Hall effect (AHE) in Co2FeGe Heusler compound. The experiment reveals anomalous Hall conductivity (AHC) ∼ 100S/cm at room temperature with an intrinsic contribution of ∼ 78S/cm . The analysis of anomalous Hall resistivity suggests the scattering independent intrinsic mechanism dominates the overall… 

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