Anomalous Fermions

  title={Anomalous Fermions},
  author={B. G. Sidharth},
  journal={Journal of Statistical Physics},
  • B. Sidharth
  • Published 5 May 1999
  • Physics
  • Journal of Statistical Physics
Based on the recent model of quantum mechanical black holes, it is shown that at energies corresponding to length scales large compared to the Compton wavelength, fermions would exhibit a bosonization in character. It is also argued that in two and one spatial dimensions, fermions would exhibit, in addition, handedness and other features, characteristics which are otherwise suggested by conventional arguments. Finally, all these conclusions are verified and recent experimental confirmation is… 

Lower Dimensional Materials

Bose–Einstein condensation at different temperatures below the critical temperature

  • A. Das
  • Physics
    Modern Physics Letters B
  • 2018
In this paper, we endeavor to show that the phenomenon of Bose–Einstein condensation can take place at discrete temperatures lower than the known critical temperature value.

A Brief Note on Anomalous Effects in 2D Crystals

In this brief note we point out that in the case of two dimensional crystals like graaphene, there is an interesting anomalous behaviour of Fermions. This could potentially be useful.

2-state asymmetries: Matter–antimatter and other effects

This paper is based on the framework of a two-dimensional universe considering it to be a lattice structure. The Ising model has been used to show that there is a spontaneous phase transition from

A brief note on energy from graphene

We comment briefly on a possible energy source from graphene, arising out of the anomalous behavior of a beam of protons in it.

A Brief Note on the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

We explain features of two dimensional structures in a precise way, in terms of the non-commutative space which defines these structures. The novel feature here is a fundamental explanation for the

Graphene and high energy physics

We briefly comment upon the parallel between graphene and high energy fermions and explore the possibility of using the former as a test bed for the latter. We also point out that there are parallels

Black Holes and Quantum Mechanics

We will first show that black holes, generally, thought to be a general relativistic phenomena could also be understood without invoking general relativity at all. (Indeed, Laplace had anticipated



Statistical Mechanics, Wiley Eastern, New Delhi

  • 1975

Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics

This book is designed for the junior-senior thermodynamics course given in all departments as a standard part of the curriculum. The book is devoted to a discussion of some of the basic physical

Advances in theoretical physics

Quantum mechanics

Quantum Mechanics for Organic Chemists.By Howard E. Zimmerman. Pp. x + 215. (Academic: New York and London, May 1975.) $16.50; £7.90.

Statistical Mechanics:

AbstractPROF. R. H. FOWLER'S monumental work on statistical mechanics has, in this the second edition, in his own modest words, been rearranged and brought more up to date. But the new volume is much

Low Dimensional Electrons

Motivated by recent work on nano tubes indicating one dimensional quantum effects and studies of two dimensional electron gas, we consider a recent model of Fermions as Kerr-Newman type black holes

Mod.Phys.Lett A

  • Mod.Phys.Lett A
  • 1999

Phys. Rev. Lett

  • Phys. Rev. Lett
  • 1983

Phys. Rev. Lett

  • Phys. Rev. Lett
  • 1983