Anomalous Excess Heat by D 2 O / Pd Cell under LH Mode Electrolysis

  title={Anomalous Excess Heat by D 2 O / Pd Cell under LH Mode Electrolysis},
  author={Akito Takahashi and Akimasa MEGA and T. Takeuchi and Hiroyuki Miyamaru and Toshiyuki Iida},
A Pd sheet cathode centered within a Pt-wired anode in D2O/LiOD electrolyte was used with the L-H mode pulse operation. Anomalously large excess heat (32 watts in average for 2 months, 100 130 watts at peaks and averaged output/input power ratio 1.7) was once observed, associated with very low neutron emission (~1 n/s). To investigate the reproducibility of this experiment, a second experiment with minor changes in cell design was undertaken for 4 months. We reproduced excess heat, however at… CONTINUE READING
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