Anoikis Resistance: An Essential Prerequisite for Tumor Metastasis

  title={Anoikis Resistance: An Essential Prerequisite for Tumor Metastasis},
  author={Yong-Nyun Kim and Kyung Hee Koo and Jee Young Sung and Un-Jung Yun and Hyeryeong Kim},
  booktitle={International journal of cell biology},
Metastasis is a multistep process including dissociation of cancer cells from primary sites, survival in the vascular system, and proliferation in distant target organs. As a barrier to metastasis, cells normally undergo an apoptotic process known as "anoikis," a form of cell death due to loss of contact with the extracellular matrix or neighboring cells. Cancer cells acquire anoikis resistance to survive after detachment from the primary sites and travel through the circulatory and lymphatic… CONTINUE READING