Annual and daily activity rhythms of loathes in an irrigation creek and ditches around paddy fields

  title={Annual and daily activity rhythms of loathes in an irrigation creek and ditches around paddy fields},
  author={Mayumi Naruse and Tadashi Oishi},
  journal={Environmental Biology of Fishes},
This study deals with the daily activity rhythm and its change in a loath,Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, by season and age. We set traps in an irrigation creek and ditches around the paddy fields near Nara city every month for 2 years. The fish appeared in spring, declined in early summer, and increased in mid-summer again, and disappeared in late autumn. The number of fish captured at night was greater than that during the daytime in summer. There were some differences in the daily rhythms by sex… CONTINUE READING


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