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Obituary: On the 7th of March, we received the sad information about the loss of our honorable friend, trustee and past President, Professor Seiichi Ohmori, who passed away the 3rd of March. The obituary message by our President on behalf of ISAPS was sent to Japan and conveyed to all who gathered at the official funeral service held on the 2nd of April in Tokyo. "The members of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are saddened and very deeply touched by having to notify you of the unfortunate loss on March 3rd of one of the pillars of this very same society, Professor Seiichi Ohmori. The ISAPS's members have indeed lost a great man, a plastic surgeon of high quality, a precious past President and trustee. He was well liked and respected, particularly for his excellence, straightforwardness, integrity and noble spirit. Seiichi Ohmori had many friends not only in Japan and in the Far East, but also over the world, and was indeed the best representative of serious oriental aesthetic surgery. In 1977, he organized together with Dr. Masashige Furukawa the IXth ISAPS International Course in the Imperial Hotel of Tokyo. This was the biggest of all courses. In September, 1981, we could again benefit of his efforts and talent as an organizer as Chairman of local arrangements and President elect during the VIth ISAPS Congress in Tokyo. He prepared for us a wonderful meeting with the exceptional presence of Prince Akihito at the opening ceremony. As members of the IPRS Committee, Seiichi Ohmori helped the incorporation of ISAPS into the Confederation. For this very important action, he deserved the highest respect and greatest thanks. He was our President from 1981 to 1983. During his term, he instituted the Educational Foundation which I had the honor to chair. That was an important step in the evolution of our Society. We commend Seiichi Ohmori for his honorable contribution to the positive worldwide extension of ISAPS. We cannot forget this great master and will not cease to keep him as a big friend in our memory. On behalf of ISAPS and its Executive Committee, I express my infallible friendship to his beloved spouse, Shigeko, and to his highly qualified son, Kitaro, who continues to honor the name Ohmori."

DOI: 10.1007/BF00437112

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