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Annotated literature review: student evaluations of teaching (SET)

  title={Annotated literature review: student evaluations of teaching (SET)},
  author={Nicole C. Eva},

Computational Logic in the First Semester of Computer Science: An Experience Report

The experiences with a novel design of a first-semester bachelor logic course attended by about 200 students are presented and both foundations and applications of logic within computer science are interlink.

A Busy Professor's Guide to Sanely Flipping Your Classroom: Bringing active learning to your teaching practice

The "flipped classroom" has become a popular teaching method. Students watch video lectures before class, saving time for active learning (problem solving, demonstrations, applications, and so



Student evaluations of college professors: When gender matters.

Student evaluations completed over a 4-year period at a private liberal arts college were analyzed for the effets of teacher gender, student gender, and divisional affiliation. A significant

Are Student Evaluations of Teaching Valid? Evidence From an Analytical Business Core Course

Abstract In this study, the authors examined the relationship between student achievement (as measured by student grade earned in Intermediate Accounting I) and student evaluations (as measured by

Students’ Preconceptions of Professors: Benefits and Barriers According to Ethnicity and Gender

The present study examined the influence of professor and student characteristics on students’ preconceptions of college professors. Course syllabi for a politically charged social science course

Guarding Against Potential Bias in Student Evaluations: What Every Faculty Member Needs to Know

Abstract Course evaluations are used by many institutions in promotion, tenure, and merit decisions. This article discusses the influences on those evaluations and how faculty can combat those biases

Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness: Implications for Non-White Women in the Academy.

Abstract The purpose of this study was to describe student ratings of teaching effectiveness for women faculty at a Southern Research Extensive University. Of the 82 women faculty in this study, 61

Too Old to Teach? The Effect of Age on College and University Professors

With the elimination of mandatory retirement, the average age of college and university faculty members has increased. While this has raised some concerns, relatively little research has tried to

Students' Perceptions of Expressiveness: Age and Gender Effects on Teacher Evaluations

In this study we investigated the relationship between college students' perceptions of professors' expressiveness and implicit age and gender stereotypes. Three hundred and fifty-two male and female

On the Validity of Student Evaluation of Teaching

This article provides an extensive overview of the recent literature on student evaluation of teaching (SET) in higher education. The review is based on the SET meta-validation model, drawing upon