Annonaceae of the Asia-Pacific region: names, types and distributions

  title={Annonaceae of the Asia-Pacific region: names, types and distributions},
  author={Ian M. Turner},
  journal={Gardens' Bulletin Singapore},
  • I. Turner
  • Published 14 December 2018
  • Geography
  • Gardens' Bulletin Singapore
A list of the Annonaceae taxa indigenous to the Asia-Pacific Region (including Australia) is presented, including full synonymy and typification with an outline of the geographic distribution. Some 1100 species in 40 genera are listed. A number of nomenclatural changes are made. The species of Artabotrys from Java previously referred to as Artabotrys blumei Hook.f. & Thomson is described here as Artabotrys javanicus I.M.Turner, because A. blumei is shown to be the correct name for the Chinese… 

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