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Annette Paquot, Les Québécois et leurs mots. Etude sémiologique et sociolinguistique des régionalismes lexicaux au Québec

  title={Annette Paquot, Les Qu{\'e}b{\'e}cois et leurs mots. Etude s{\'e}miologique et sociolinguistique des r{\'e}gionalismes lexicaux au Qu{\'e}bec},
  author={F. Gadet},
The lexical particularities of French in the Haitian press: Readers' perceptions and appropriation
  • C. Etienne
  • Sociology
  • Journal of French Language Studies
  • 2005
Regional French varieties in language contact situations have been widely discussed in Francophone studies. Defining a variety of French involves showing its specificity when compared to other FrenchExpand
Picture-naming norms for Canadian French: Name agreement, familiarity, visual complexity, and age of acquisition
Canadian French normative data for line drawings from the European Picture Pool for Oral Naming suggests that age of acquisition and name agreement show significant age-related differences and shows that unequivocal interpretation of age- related differences can be made when age-appropriate norms are used. Expand