Annealing helicase 2 (AH2), a DNA-rewinding motor with an HNH motif.

  title={Annealing helicase 2 (AH2), a DNA-rewinding motor with an HNH motif.},
  author={Timur M. Yusufzai and James T. Kadonaga},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={107 49},
The structure and integrity of DNA is of considerable biological and biomedical importance, and it is therefore critical to identify and to characterize enzymes that alter DNA structure. DNA helicases are ATP-driven motor proteins that unwind DNA. Conversely, HepA-related protein (HARP) protein (also known as SMARCAL1 and DNA-dependent ATPase A) is an annealing helicase that rewinds DNA in an ATP-dependent manner. To date, HARP is the only known annealing helicase. Here we report the… CONTINUE READING


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Identification of a new subfamily of HNH nucleases and experimental characterization of a representative member, HphI restriction endonuclease

  • IA Cymerman
  • Proteins
  • 2006

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