Annealed scaling for a charged polymer in dimensions two and higher

  title={Annealed scaling for a charged polymer in dimensions two and higher},
  author={Quentin Berger and Frank den Hollander and Julien Poisat},
  journal={Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical},
This paper considers an undirected polymer chain on Zd, d⩾2, with i.i.d. random charges attached to its constituent monomers. Each self-intersection of the polymer chain contributes an energy to the interaction Hamiltonian that is equal to the product of the charges of the two monomers that meet. The joint probability distribution for the polymer chain and the charges is given by the Gibbs distribution associated with the interaction Hamiltonian. The object of interest is the annealed free… 

Scaling limits for the random walk penalized by its range in dimension one

In this article we study a one dimensional model for a polymer in a poor sol-vent: the random walk on Z penalized by its range. More precisely, we consider a Gibbs transformation of the law of the

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This thesis can be split into two main components, the �first of which looks at the fractal dimension, specifically, box-counting dimension, of sets related to subordinators (non-decreasing L�evy

Transience and Recurrence of Markov Processes with Constrained Local Time

We study Markov processes conditioned so that their local time must grow slower than a prescribed function. Building upon recent work on Brownian motion with constrained local time in [5] and [33],



Annealed Scaling for a Charged Polymer

This paper studies an undirected polymer chain living on the one-dimensional integer lattice and carrying i.i.d. random charges. Each self-intersection of the polymer chain contributes to the

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We investigate the local times of a continuous-time Markov chain on an arbitrary discrete state space. For fixed finite range of the Markov chain, we derive an explicit formula for the joint density

A large-deviation result for the range of random walk and for the Wiener sausage

Abstract. Let {Sn} be a random walk on ℤd and let Rn be the number of different points among 0, S1,…, Sn−1. We prove here that if d≥ 2, then ψ(x) := limn→∞(−:1/n) logP{Rn≥nx} exists for x≥ 0 and

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An Introduction To Probability Theory And Its Applications

A First Course in Probability (8th ed.) by S. Ross is a lively text that covers the basic ideas of probability theory including those needed in statistics.

Large Deviations (Fields Institute Monographs vol 14) (Providence RI: American Mathematical Society

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