Ankle surgery: focus on arthroscopy.

  title={Ankle surgery: focus on arthroscopy.},
  author={Marco Cavallo and Simone Natali and Alberto Ruffilli and Roberto Emanuele Buda and Francesca Vannini and Francesco Castagnini and Enrico Ferranti and Sandro Giannini},
  journal={Musculoskeletal surgery},
  volume={97 3},
BACKGROUND The ankle joint can be affected by several diseases, with clinical presentation varying from mild pain or swelling to inability, becoming in some cases a serious problem in daily life activities. Arthroscopy is a widely performed procedure in orthopedic surgery, due to the low invasivity compared to the more traditional open field surgery. The ankle joint presents anatomical specificities, like small space and tangential view that make arthroscopy more difficult. METHODS From 2000… CONTINUE READING

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