Anisotropic three-dimensional magnetic fluctuations in heavy fermion CeRhIn5

  title={Anisotropic three-dimensional magnetic fluctuations in heavy fermion CeRhIn5},
  author={Wei Bao and Gabriel Aeppli and Jeffrey W. Lynn and P. G. Pagliuso and John L. Sarrao and Michael Frederic Hundley and J. D. Thompson and Zachary Fisk},
  journal={Physical Review B},
CeRhIn 5 is a heavy fermion antiferromagnet that orders at 3.8 K. The observation of pressure-induced superconductivity in CeRhIn 5 at a very high T C of 2.1 K for heavy fermion materials has led to speculations regardingits magnetic fluctuation spectrum. Using magnetic neutron scattering, we report anisotropic three-dimensional antiferromagnetic fluctuations with an energy scale of less than 1.7 meV for temperatures as high as 3T C . In addition, the effect of the magnetic fluctuations on… 
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1. Introduction 2. Nuclear scattering - basic theory 3. Nuclear scattering by crystals 4. Correlation functions in nuclear scattering 5. Scattering by liquids 6. Neutron optics 7. Magnetic scattering