Anisotropic response of the human knee joint meniscus to unconfined compression.

  title={Anisotropic response of the human knee joint meniscus to unconfined compression.},
  author={Bruce W Leslie and Dugald Lindsay Gardner and J. A. McGeough and Rocio Moran},
  journal={Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H, Journal of engineering in medicine},
  volume={214 6},
The response of meniscal tissue to axial, radial and circumferential compressive forces was measured at physiologically relevant levels of load in eight pairs of human knee joint menisci. Compression was unconfined and uniaxial. Stress strain data were fitted to a two-parameter exponential model. The tissue was found to be significantly stiffer to axial compressive forces than to radial and circumferential forces. No significant difference was found between the responses to circumferential and… CONTINUE READING

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