Anisotropic hinge model for polarization-mode dispersion in installed fibers.

  title={Anisotropic hinge model for polarization-mode dispersion in installed fibers.},
  author={Jinglai Li and Gino Biondini and William L. Kath and Herwig Kogelnik},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={33 16},
We discuss a generalized waveplate hinge model to characterize anisotropic effects associated with the hinge model of polarization-mode dispersion in installed systems. In this model, the action of the hinges is a random time-dependent rotation about a fixed axis. We obtain the probability density function of the differential group delay and the outage probability of an individual wavelength band using a combination of importance sampling and the cross-entropy method, and we then compute the… CONTINUE READING

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