Anisotropic effective mass of orthoexcitons in Cu2O

  title={Anisotropic effective mass of orthoexcitons in Cu2O},
  author={Dietmar Fr{\"o}hlich and Jan Brandt and Christian Sandfort and Manfred Bayer and Heinrich Stolz},
Most of the parameters of the lowest excitons of Cu${}_{2}$O (1S excitons of yellow series) are very well known by now. After the experimental determination of the 1S paraexciton mass by two-phonon spectroscopy, a reliable parameter for the determination of orthoexciton masses is now available. Anisotropic mass values are expected for the threefold 1S orthoexciton, because of isotropic and anisotropic ${k}^{2}$ exchange terms. Taking into account the paraexciton mass ($2.61\phantom{\rule{0.16em… CONTINUE READING