Anisotropic Range Image Integration

  title={Anisotropic Range Image Integration},
  author={Christopher Schroers and Henning Zimmer and Levi Valgaerts and Andr{\'e}s Bruhn and Oliver Demetz and Joachim Weickert},
  booktitle={DAGM/OAGM Symposium},
Obtaining high-quality 3D models of real world objects is an important task in computer vision. A very promising approach to achieve this is given by variational range image integration methods: They are able to deal with a substantial amount of noise and outliers, while regularising and thus creating smooth surfaces at the same time. Our paper extends the state-of-the-art approach of Zach et al. (2007) in several ways: (i) We replace the isotropic space-variant smoothing behaviour by an… CONTINUE READING
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