Animating Extinction, Performing Endurance: Feathers, Angels, and Indigenous Eco-Activism

  title={Animating Extinction, Performing Endurance: Feathers, Angels, and Indigenous Eco-Activism},
  author={J. Mansbridge},
  journal={Theatre Topics},
  pages={113 - 123}
The “Anthropocene,” first used by ecologist Eugene Stroemer and popularized by Nobel Prize–winning chemist Paul Crutzin in 2002, designates a new epoch, in which humans became a geological force affecting the character and destiny of the planet (Crutzin 23). Anthropogenic climate change is entangled with the human-centered projects of colonialization, industrialization, global neoliberalism, and with Christian notions of dominion over the natural world. As a critical project, if not a… Expand

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  • Environmental Science, Geology
  • Nature
  • 2002
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