Animal-related injuries: epidemiological and meteorological features.

  title={Animal-related injuries: epidemiological and meteorological features.},
  author={M{\"u}cahit Emet and Nazim Ercument Beyhun and Zahide Koşan and S Tulin Akkay Aslan and Mustafa Uzkeser and Zeynep Gokcen Cakir},
  journal={Annals of agricultural and environmental medicine : AAEM},
  volume={16 1},
This is a retrospective and registry-based descriptive study including animal- related injuries represented by the most crowded Emergency Department (ED) in Eastern Turkey over a period of two years. Animal-related injuries were 0.2% of all ED admittances; dominant in males and were high in summer. 68% of the subjects were exposed to mammalians. Most prominent injuries were dog bites (30%), horse (22%) and livestock-related injuries (12%). Hospitalization was significantly higher in mammalian… CONTINUE READING