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Animal minds, animal morality

  title={Animal minds, animal morality},
  author={C. McGinn},
  journal={Social Research},
  • C. McGinn
  • Published 1995
  • Sociology
  • Social Research
Soulevant la question des fondements ontologiques et psychologiques des reactions et des jugements moraux, l'A. montre que les experiences simultanees decrites par Frege chez les sujets conscients sont vecues de la meme facon par les animaux. Definissant l'existence du sujet experimentant comme la condition minimale de la moralite, l'A. conclut a la capacite morale des animaux 
Animal consciousness : what matters and why
Dans le cadre du debat sur la conscience animale, l'A. adopte la perspective de la troisieme personne pour mesurer la possibilite et l'evidence fonctionnaliste de nos intuitions pre-theoriquesExpand
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On Responsible Knowledge Making and the Moral Standing of Animals: Questioning What Matters and Why about Animal Minds
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Sorting through, and sorting out, anthropomorphism in CSR
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  • 2018
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Respect of Utilitarianism: A Response to Regan's 'Receptacles of Value' Objection
According to Regan, classical utilitarians value individuals in the wrong way: rather than valuing them directly, the utilitarians must value individuals merely as receptacles of what is valuableExpand
Self-Awareness and Selfhood in Animals
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Minds, Machines and Qualia: A Theory of Consciousness
Minds, Machines and Qualia: A Theory of Consciousness