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Anhydrobiosis in Nematodes II: Carbohydrate and Lipid Analysis in Undesiccated and Desiccate Nematodes.

  title={Anhydrobiosis in Nematodes II: Carbohydrate and Lipid Analysis in Undesiccated and Desiccate Nematodes.},
  author={C. Womersley and S. Thompson and L. Smith},
  journal={Journal of nematology},
  volume={14 2},
  • C. Womersley, S. Thompson, L. Smith
  • Published 1982
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of nematology
  • Glycogen, trehalose, glucose, and total lipid contents of six nematode species were studied. Anhydrobiotic Anguina tritici and Ditylencbus dipsaci stored trehalose in preference to glycogen and only small amounts of glucose were detected. Glycogen content was also reduced in anhydrobiotic Aphelenchus avenae. Conversely, Panagrellus redivivus and Turbatrix aceti contained large amounts of glycogen, appreciable amounts of glucose, and minimal amounts of trehalose. Ditylenchus myceliophagous… CONTINUE READING
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