Angularly localized Skyrmions


Quantized Skyrmions with baryon numbers B = 1, 2 and 4 are considered and angularly localized wavefunctions for them are found. By combining a few low angular momentum states, one can construct a quantum state whose spatial density is close to that of the classical Skyrmion, and has the same symmetries. For the B = 1 case we find the best localized wavefunction among linear combinations of j = 12 and j = 3 2 angular momentum states. For B = 2, we find that the j = 1 ground state has toroidal symmetry and a somewhat reduced localization compared to the classical solution. For B = 4, where the classical Skyrmion has cubic symmetry, we construct cubically symmetric quantum states by combining the j = 0 ground state with the lowest rotationally excited j = 4 state. We use the rational map approximation to compare the classical and quantum baryon densities in the B = 2 and B = 4 cases. Email: Email:

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