Angular distribution of polarised Λb baryons decaying to Λℓ+ℓ−

  title={Angular distribution of polarised $\Lambda$b baryons decaying to $\Lambda$ℓ+ℓ−},
  author={Thomas Blake and Michal Kreps},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractRare b → sℓ+ℓ− flavour-changing-neutral-current processes provide important tests of the Standard Model of particle physics. Angular observables in exclusive b → sℓ+ℓ− processes can be particularly powerful as they allow hadronic uncertainties to be controlled. Amongst the exclusive processes that have been studied by experiments, the decay Λb → Λℓ+ℓ− is unique in that the Λb baryon can be produced polarised. In this paper, we derive an expression for the angular distribution of the Λb… 

Angular distribution of the rare decay Λ b → Λ ( → Nπ ) ` + ` −

We provide a determination of the complete angular distribution for the four body rare decay Λb → Λ(→ Nπ)`+`−, with unpolarized Λb baryons and massive leptons, in the operator basis approach which

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On the angular distribution of Λb → Λ(→ N π)τ +τ − decay

  • D. Das
  • Physics, Geology
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2018
A bstractWe present a full angular distribution of the four body Λb → Λ(→ N π)ℓ+ℓ− decay where the leptons are massive and the Λb is unpolarized, in an operator basis which includes the Standard

Angular moments of the decay Λb0 → Λμ+μ− at low hadronic recoil

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The search for flavour-changing neutral current effects in B -meson decays is a powerful probe of physics beyond the Standard Model. Deviations from SM behaviour are often quantified by extracting the

The Λb → Λ∗(1520)(→ NK̄)`+`− decay at low-recoil in HQET

In this paper we discuss the Standard Model and new physics sensitivity of the Λb → Λ∗(1520)(→ NK̄)`+`− decay at low-recoil, where `± are massive leptons and NK̄ = {pK−, nK̄0}. We provide a full

Prospects for New Physics searches with Λb→ Λ(1520)`+`− decays

We present the prospects of an angular analysis of the Λb→ Λ(1520)`+`− decay. Using the expected yield in the current dataset collected at the LHCb experiment, as well as the foreseen ones after the



Angular analysis of the decay Λb → Λ(→ Nπ)ℓ+ℓ−

A bstractWe study the differential decay rate for the rare Λb → Λ(→ Nπ)ℓ+ℓ− transition, including a determination of the complete angular distribution, assuming unpolarized Λb baryons. On the basis

Heavy baryons as polarimeters at colliders

A bstractIn new-physics processes that produce b or c jets, a measurement of the initial b or c-quark polarization could provide crucial information about the structure of the new physics. In the

Probing for New Physics in Polarized Λ b decays at the Z

Polarized Λb → Λγ decays at the Z pole are shown to be well suited for probing a large variety of New Physics effects. A new observable is proposed, the angular asymmetry between the Λb spin and

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We investigate the rare baryonic exclusive decays of Λb → Λll (l = e, μ, τ) with polarized Λ. Under the approximation of the heavy quark effective theory (HQET), in the standard model we derive the

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The weak decays of Λb→Λ+γ and Λb→Λ+l+l− are investigated in the standard model using the light-cone sum-rule approach. The higher-twist distribution amplitudes of the Λ baryon to the leading